Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Backgammon servers and backgammon culture

Replying to my comment on backgammon culture someone in a discontinued thread on asked: what is bg-culture - some kind of martial art?

Backgammon culture consists of art, science and sport. Here I exclude gamblung, on purpose. Gambling is a hereditory feature. Backgammon is a game of bets. While anti-gambling majority would cry aloud all the time against "the gamblers", I would like to ask a simple question: whose assertion do you believe more - the one who says:

- Believe me, bla bla bla

or the one who says:

- I bet 2 to 1, bla bla bla?

Art is skill + applied science.
Science is collection of facts from sport + discovery.

Backgammon servers and casinos would like to have backgammon as mere gambling tool, but the game has grown up from its 3000 year old childhood and has its own requirements. We, who pay substantial amounts in the form of rake, fees, etc., have the moral right to require improving service and reducing rakes. The way to achieve it in a commercial environment is to encourage competition by giving credit to improvements of the service and "voting with our money" for the best service providers.

Saturday, December 11, 2004

A new backgammon server is on line. The is a fresh one month old baby of Israeli creators. You can play money games and matches (both for real money and for fun). The owners have started with the proven appetizers (known from - the free-roll added money tournaments. They have added money to some paid tournaments too, and there you have an added money tourney every hour.
I am sure the owners are doing every bit to improve their machine and make it competitive to the already established GamesGrid and truemoneygames.
One thing the new machine lacks is the save match/session feature. The checker movement is somewhat slow. Some of the automatics need to be reworked - auto-checker-play, auto-bear-off, auto-roll.
Of course, there should be more things to refine and the owners are open minded.
If you like to help improve the machine, bring players and earn money - come here:
and become an affiliate

If you just like to play for money, you can register here. Do not forget to mention your signup coupon SVILO when asked, to get a USD 5 bonus to your USD 25 deposit.
I am sure both professional and regular backgammon players will like this new server.